What should you wear for your first Skydive

If you have decided for your first skydiving experience. Your skydiving date is coming. You are marking remaining days on the calendar. And all of sudden, you shucked & thinking. All the things are set now but what is missing. And you remind yourself that – “What should I wear for Skydiving?”

Avoid Jewelry

The first advice I can give you that you should avoid meaning full things like Watches, necklaces, rings, expensive goggles, earrings and other expensive material at the time of your skydiving.

If you are very much habitual to wear such things on all the occasion then We can suggest you should remove these things on the ground itself. Because it may create issue at the time of skydiving.

We advise you to keep your jewelry on the ground under spectator vigilance otherwise you may lose these things. In spirit of wearing necklace on the height of 14000 feet, & loosing of these items is not worth it.

Shoes & sneakers

Try to avoid heels, sandals, shoes with lace, flip flops etc. while skydiving. You want to stay comfortable in every stage of skydiving. Heels and sandals are not the perfect option in footwear’s. you are going to participate in exciting sport activity Skydiving & You will feel unconformable with heels then why you are spoiling your excitement. You should only go with shoes without lace option or sneakers only.

Tight lacing tennis shoes are the best option when we talk about lace shoes. Keep one thing in your mind. If your shoes are too loose, the wind arrogate them right off from your feet. So check it twice & trice time that they are best fit in your feet. Try & test before go to the plane.

Comfort clothes

You can wear anything you would love to wear for your first ever skydiving. However our recommendation is to wear active clothes. The kind of pants you can wear in the gym are comes under active clothing, you can try that one. It may short or full pant depending upon weather condition. This must be stretchy with more room to move your self in any direction if needed. Usually you can avoid Jeans at this occasion.

Active clothing means to avoid suit, tie & tight jeans. So all other clothing pair is good for skydiving. Any full sleeve jogger pants & T-shirt are the best option in active clothing. You will feel more comfortable in these pairs. For the temperature more than 70 degree you can wear knee length short leggings etc. Temperature between 60-70 degree layer of thermals or thin light layer.

For 60-70 degree you can try Icebreaker Tech lite short sleeve crewe, le col Thermal long sleeve Base layer, Kora Yushu LS crew, Helly Hansen LIFA merino lightweight ½ Zip, Thermajane. Thermal underwear set can also use as thermal layer.

For temperature less than 60 degree can use 1 or 2 layers of thermal to heat your body. Please keep in mind temperature above height of 14000ft, is definitely cooler 30 degree as compared to ground temperature. Please do use thin layer to get up your first-time skydiving. These multiple layers trap warm air between it, which statute as insulation. Layering technique help yourself to protect from cold.

                In general rule of thumb to live in a cold environment is to produce insulation between you & environment. These layers work very well to avoid sweating. We can add remove these layer accordingly. Sweat is also a problem because some fabrics lose their insulation value when wet. You should wear clothes without any strings, metal grommets, pompoms, rhinestones or other accessories. These may be twig at the time of skydiving

So find out your area temperature and also see the layers, you have chosen, is useful to protect you from the cold at least 10 degree lower.

Goggles & contact lances

                In general you should wear goggles (number glasses) & contact lances at the time of skydiving. You should put your extra pair of glasses with you in case of emergency. Skydiving centers will provides goggles to wear on number glasses. It provides support your glass in case of slink off. I advise to wear old pair of glasses in case of loss.

Wear your smile

Smile has a lot of health benefits. Smile improved mood, smiling releases endorphins which helps a person feel happier, stress reliever, better relationships, younger appearance, and pain relief. Believe it or not, a good laugh relieves some body aches or pain.

So I want to give you a very valuable piece of information for your first skydive, is to wear your smile. Wear that smile, If you want to look awesome so you can show it off to your friends & family. For good photos & video for the camera you can do one thing- that is SMILE. It will surely boost your confidence in skydiving, more over it will responsible for nice photos & video in the end. Anyone does not like serious mood picture or photo. This smile will also give you future memories in the form of photos

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