Skydiving Instruction

Following are the instruction to follow before your first skydiving:-

Dress Code:-

When we think about our first skydiving jump then the first question comes to our mind is “what should I wear?” This is a genuine question. Wrong selection of clothes might be miserable in the end.

Athletic shorts are the best to wear at a temperature of 75 degree & a sunny day. Tank tops or T-shirts are the best option when talking about upper body clothes. 

Try to avoid loose clothing. It may result in discomfort & can be ripup at a speed of 120mph.

In case of low temperature, always ask for a jumpsuit. You may use full sleeve jogger pants & T-shirt for low temperature. If you are feeling cool on the ground, there will be cold in the air also.

Food Instruction before Skydiving:-

Many people wonder if we are taking our full diet before skydiving. There will be discomfort in the air but to manage this you should always take your half meal with the proper amount of water. Full amount of food will make you lazy. This may result in discomfort at the end.

If you don’t want to eat or drink before the jump then you are advised to get it done a few hours before the jump. To maintain sugar level you should be prohibited before 36hours of your jumps. It may cause a headache.

Jewelry & other accessories:-

It is advised not to bring your wallet, keys & govt. issued ID before skydiving. You should put these accessories in your cupboard or locker provided to you from the skydiving company. You can keep cash in your pocket.

You should also put your jewelry, necklace, watch, rings at your home only. Do not bring such items to the centers. Skydiving centers will provide gloves, goggles. Put your camera also at your home only. They provide video & photos at their centers. You should choose such a package at the time of booking your jump.

Reach Before time:-

                You should always try to come before time on skydiving day. There will be some paperwork & training provided to each candidate. These orientation training is very much helpful to build a mindset. This will help you to enjoy your ride with air. I must say nothing like skydiving experience. So to enjoy each & every sec of skydiving experience you must attend orientation routine. To attend this, try to reach the center before time.

                Take your skydiving logbook with you to show your history of skydiving jumps. If you are a first time jumper, then it is obvious you are nervous at some stage. But if you are late then it may affect your jumping schedule as well. You may be called on the next day for the jump. So reach early to avoid such happenings.  

Exit & Freefall:-

There are 2 most important things in skydiving. They are in free fall and exit or landing. During tandem skydiving we have one instructor with us who guides during free fall but you can also help him & yourself with proper body positioning and mindset during free fall.

                Your belly position should be in the ground direction. All the instructors guide us the same at the time of free fall. You should take care of your body position to maintain constant velocity. These positions also help you to open parachutes.

At the time of landing also you do not have to worry. All the responsibility is in the hand of the instructor itself. You should maintain proper body position at the time of landing. You need to just raise your legs as much as possible during the landing time. It helps the instructor to reach the ground before your body. He knows better about landing impact on reaching the ground. Raising of legs can avoid injuries in landing.

Long Breathing Practice:-

When you are going for your first skydiving, nervousness is a very common phenomena. For its solution you can take long breathing practice to control your nervousness. It will also control your fear. Breathing can help you relax, because it makes your body feel like it does when your body is already relaxed. Deep breathing can help you to lower your stress. When you take a long breathe. It sends a signal to our mind. Everything is alright. No need to worry.

Wind Speed:-

Wind speed is also an important factor for skydiving. If wind speed is high, this will bring the parachute away from the landing spot. At the same time If wind speed is slow then It also creates issues in landing. Landing can not happen in the decided spot.

We can say high or low wind speeds are risky when we talk about skydiving. Skydiving center used an anemometer to find the exact wind speed. An anemometer is a handheld device which provides wind speed and wind gusts. To identify real time reading we can use data from the Federal Aviation Administration. It was provided by the pilot.

Clouds & Rain:-

It is very obvious that if there are clouds in the sky then you should avoid skydiving. Reason is very simple. If you are  not able to see the landing location properly then it is very dangerous to land without knowing it. So avoid skydiving in the cloudy sky.

Rain can be permissible for skydiving but it should be in small quantities. High rainfall can wet the parachute. It will decrease the efficiency of the parachute. When it’s raining very hard it becomes dangerous for skydiving. Parachutes with moisture (become wet in rain) can also fly but the efficiency of parachutes is not appropriate. The landing mark can be changed in such conditions. It may result in a poor & hard landing at the end.

Skydiving Weight limit:-

Weight is also a serious concern in skydiving. The weight limit is decided by USPA itself. The reason is very simple. Equipment which are used in skydiving has come in standard & size which operates effectively in certain weight limits. Its weight increases and performance decreases.

For example if you are riding a car with more than capacity given by the company then what happens. Efficiency decreases. At the same time parachute & backpack has a certain limit to support afterwards the performance decreases gradually so keep in mind. Weight limit is around 220lbs to 250lbs depending upon the center. Confirm it before booking an appointment.

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