Is Skydiving Safe?

                When we are talking about skydiving then we only think about excitement, some type of stomach drop feeling and safety disquietness in our mind.

It is very obvious because when you do free fall from a height of 10000 feet from ground then your mind will be bellowed in air thinking like this you feel some less confidence to go for skydiving.

                If you are little bit afraid & asking one question to yourself that “skydiving is really safe?” or “is skydiving scary?” then I must say this is a valid question.

                We will respond on this question & explore many elements which support the answer.

How Many People Die Skydiving?

Skydiving deaths are gradually decreasing round the year since 1990. To support this statement I can put some of the death percentage since the sport starts. USPA is recording annual death since 1961, the year when skydiving started. In 1961 USPA full form United States Parachute Association presently we know this as Parachute club of America (PCA) registered 14 skydiving death. It increased to 50 deaths over the 2 decades. After 1980 it will came down to 30 deaths/Year. Around 2018, 2019, and 2020 it came down to 13, 15, and 11 orderly. If we calculate this in percentage then we find very low fatality rate. Out of 3.3million jumps in 2018 only 13 deaths was there, In percentage only 0.39 in 10000 jumps. In 2019 total sky jumps were same as 2018 i.e. 3.3million, only 15 deaths. It is gradually decreasing over the year in 2020; total number of death recorded is only 11.

At last we can say if skydiving is done in the modern arena then it is very much safe as we look into the death rate in sky jumps.   

Risk involved in skydiving

In general practice when experience skydivers turn the parachute in the middle of the skydive. They called it swooping, resulting increase in the speed of chute landing. If swooping is done wrongly then it will definitely cause fatality. This is done by experience skydivers at the time of their practice time normally. If they are flying for a tandem skydiving. It never happens. You can say normal skydives very safe.

Risk involved in all types of outdoor games activity. In skydiving some of the risk involves. We can minimize this risk by proper training session. Before going for skydiving, skydiving centers provides training to all the people who book their skydive.

In general we think as a newbie that failing of equipments is the major cause for most of skydiving deaths but In actual practice this is not happening. In most of the cases experience skydivers are looking for more challenges in skydiving, they continuously pushing their limits. This is the most solid reason of these risk.

Modern parachute equipment contains advanced safety characteristics which involves testing properly of all the equipment. It reduces the chance of risk. There are 2 different parachute contains in a parachute systems. It has one main parachute & second one is reserve parachute. In case of any emergency reserve parachute can be activated through AAD (automatic activation Device) It is based on censers which works on high speeds & some other parameters. Which make skydive safer than ever.

Risk management in Skydiving

In the modern arena skydiving centers are following very strict methodology of skydiving. In skydiving main risk involve is parachute malfunctions. There are 2 major parachute malfunctions. They are:-

  1. High Speed Malfunction
  2. Low speed Malfunction

High Speed Malfunction:- In high speed malfunction we can see bag lock, pilot chute in tow, Horseshoe, Slider Hangup.

Low Speed Malfunction:- In low speed malfunction we can see line over, Two canopies out, safety landing a two out scenario, line twist, closed end cells.

Tandem is safer than solo Skydiving

                According to USPA unofficial record tandem skydiving is pretty much safe as compared to solo skydiving. In favor of this statement 3 major point may be considered:-

  1. Tandem skydiving is done with highly professional & experience instructors who know better about skydiving as compared to a newbie.
  2. Equipment used in skydiving are not used in high performance maneuvers. This means high automated & latest equipment are used for skydiving which is safe for skydive.
  3. In an survey of more than 3lac people who tandem skydives every year, more than 90% of people will say – “Tandem skydive is safer than anything else.”
  4. Experience skydivers who instruct & guide in every stage of skydiving. He can understand the situation & make decision in our favor.

How safe is skydiving

            If you are thinking there is some risk involve in the skydiving than you are correct. Because there is some risk puzzled in sport likewise skydiving.

                Skydiving is one of the highly regulated industry run by United states Parachute Association (USPA). Any company who is offering skydiving runs under this. These companies are using Basic safety requirements (BSR).

                Airplane which used for skydiving regulated by FAA  (Federal Aviation administration). Modern Technological equipment’s are used for deploying and flying parachutes. Improvement in the design & quality of equipment’s is going on yearly & monthly basis to reduce accident. Every jumps has 2 parachutes in it. One main parachute & reserve parachute in it. First main parachute is opened by the owner. If it is not opened by him, AAO will activate reserve parachute.

                Before any of the skydiving jump safety instruction & training is given to all the participants who help to reduce accidents. Since 1980, safety regarding jump, free fall, parachute opening, reserve parachute deployment, AAC and other information which is required is required to know about it. More information & training allows you to enjoy much, Because information eliminates doubts. If you have no knowledge than you confused and fearful each stage of free fall. So to remove these fear information is helpful to avoid uncertainty.


It has some possibility of accident & risk sometime. But statics provided by USPA indicates us that death rate is very low approx. = 0.00003% . Skydiving jumps will be very exciting for you. It may help you to win your fear. It will be a wonderful experience for you. In the end I can say one thing If you think about skydiving just go for it. Face your fear. This is an opportunity for you.

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