What should you wear for your first Skydive

If you have decided for your first skydiving experience. Your skydiving date is coming. You are marking remaining days on the calendar. And all of sudden, you shucked & thinking. All the things are set now but what is missing. And you remind yourself that – “What should I wear for Skydiving?” Avoid Jewelry The … Read more

Skydiving Instruction

Following are the instruction to follow before your first skydiving:- Dress Code:- When we think about our first skydiving jump then the first question comes to our mind is “what should I wear?” This is a genuine question. Wrong selection of clothes might be miserable in the end. Athletic shorts are the best to wear … Read more

Is Skydiving Safe?

                When we are talking about skydiving then we only think about excitement, some type of stomach drop feeling and safety disquietness in our mind. It is very obvious because when you do free fall from a height of 10000 feet from ground then your mind will be bellowed in air thinking like this you … Read more